मला शिवाजी व्हायचंय

लेखक: विनोद अनंत मेस्त्री

‘Mala Shivaji Vhaychay’ is highly motivational book written by Mr. Vinod Anant Mestry. Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, One of the greatest kings in the world who while facing 6 very powerful enemies, created from zero, an empire of 2 Lac Crore annual turnover, army of around 2,60,000, Own navy consisting 650 warships and boats, 360 forts, International trade with around 12 countries and all of this in just 28 years. He created an empire of equality, justice, welfare and humanity. He created “Swarajya” of his dream and become immortal in the thoughts of people. People in Maharashtra worship this king as God.

ISBN-10 : 8191091682

ISBN-13 : 978-8191091687

मूल्य : रु. २५०/-